About Us


“As love grows in you, beauty grows too. For love is the beauty of the soul” – St Augustine of Hippo (354-430)

Healthy is the New Skinny (HNS) represents a platform for women to get information and support that leads to the evolution of each individuals mind, body, and spirit.  The media defines women and beauty in a very narrow way, which has contributed to woman hating their bodies and themselves.  You are the most beautiful when you are happy and healthy. You can’t love life if you do not love yourself.  HNS is a movement to support women all over the world to love themselves and each other. We strongly believe by doing this we can shift the balance of love in the world through the strong love of woman.  We believe women are the source of love in the world and we are unable to spread that love if we have no love for ourselves.  We were not born to hate our bodies or to name more things we dislike about ourselves than we like, these things have all been taught through our culture and media.  At HNS we view it as our responsibility to promote and protect that source of love and in order for us to change the world we have to start my changing ourselves!

 Core Beliefs

  • It is not enough to say “I love my body” how you treat your body is how you show your love and respect for your body.
  • By changing your thought process you can live a realistic and healthy lifestyle by being active and eating foods that are nutritious and supply your body with energy.

“I realized if I was ever going to be happy in my body I had to work out and eat healthy foods out of self love, not out of self hatred and punishment”. (Katie H, 2012)

  • We believe every woman has her own natural, healthy weight and body size that cannot be defined by a chart or a comparison to models in magazines.
  • You are your most beautiful when you are healthy in mind, body, and spirit. One of these should not be valued over any of the others because together they equal a perfect balance.
  • Be kind and forgiving to yourself.  You are human and this life is a learning environment. You can’t change the past but in this moment you can make choices that will determine who you will become in the future.
  • We believe feminine energy and love will be abundant if we unite as a team to support and love each other and ourselves.

    “The past ends now. The future starts now. And every moment of your life is a constant invitation to live happily ever after” (Robert Holden Phd. 2012).

  • We do not believe every single model is unhealthy but we do believe that by showing only one specific body type (abnormally thin and tall) as the beauty ideal for ALL girls and women is creating an unhealthy negative environment.
  • We believe by showing girls all different types of beautiful healthy bodies, not valuing one over the other, this will allow girls and women to be more accepting and loving of their own bodies. This will result in them having less anxiety and animosity towards each other.
  • Everyone wants to be valued.  Every girl wants to be special. Girls are searching for something like the label of “model” to define them as special.  The truth is they are already special and beautiful but because of our beauty culture, girls are not able to recognize the beauty in themselves.  We feel it is our responsibility at HNS redefine what we see and value as beautiful and to help girls see and feel the true meaning of “Beauty.”


Meet the HNS Founders: Bradford and Katie Willcox

katie and brad Bradford and Katie Willcox are a husband and wife team with over 20 years of experience in the modeling industry.  Bradford started as a male model turned fitness model and is currently a Los Angeles based fashion photographer and works from his photo studio Hollywood Loft.  Katie H. Willcox started in the business as a plus size model.  Katie found she was her most successful in the industry at a size 14 and struggled to feel good about her body because that was above her natural weight.  After meeting Bradford and falling in love Katie was able to learn how to live a healthier lifestyle and with help from her husband she lost 50lbs over the course of 2 years. Katie was her healthiest and happiest at her natural size 8 but she found there was no place in the fashion industry for models that are not extremely thin or plus size which lead her to create Natural Model Management in Los Angeles for healthy models just like her!  After talking with Bradford one day about her frustrations with the modeling industry valuing thinness over anything else she said out loud “It shouldn’t be about being skinny, it should be about being healthy. Healthy should be the new skinny!” As soon as those words left her lips a light bulb light up and Healthy is the new Skinny was born. Bradford and Katie are unique business owners because they truly create every image you see on Healthy is the new Skinny.  From the photography to hair and makeup and photo editing, Katie and Bradford do it all.  This skill set is huge for the HNS message and showing the world how beautiful healthy can be!