Meet Healthy Model Melissa Fifita

Meet Healthy Model Melissa Fifita

Meet Healthy Model Melissa Fifita

Meet Melissa Fifita who is not only a healthy model with Natural Model Management who comes from the island of Tonga, but she is also a top level volleyball player, weight lifter, peace giver, and lover of life!  In an industry where we only see photos of models but never hear them speak, we are left to assume what each model is like. You know the famous saying “don’t assume, it makes an ass out of u-m-e!” LOL We want people to have an opportunity to get to know some of these amazing women who have a lot more going on than just taking photos.   Melissa opens up about some of the things going on in her life right now to inspire women to face their fears of failure and go for what they have always wanted.


 HNS: “Where is Tonga? ”

Melissa: “Tonga is a beautiful island in the South Pacific!”
HNS:”Do people in Tonga have lots of Freckles? ”
Melissa: “I’ve never seen a full Tongan with freckles like mine just a few on their cheeks! But I do know a few girls who are half Polynesian like me who have them!! It’s awesome to see!!! ”

HNS: “What do you love about the Tongan culture? ”
Melissa: “There are so many things that I love about the Tongan culture. I love that we are all about family! We are constantly hanging out with our parents, siblings, cousins, everyone! It’s always a party and there is always ALWAYS food and laughter!! We like to joke about everything!! ”

HNS: “We know you are recovering from a recent break up, what have you learned about yourself reflecting back? ”
Melissa: “Its crazy to look back and see how far I have come and just how much I have grown. I learned so much about myself in my last relationship some things good some bad but I took that and I decided I wanted to be better! Reflecting back I see now just how strong of a woman I really am for walking away when the relationship was no longer serving either of us . I definitely don’t regret that relationship or the experience at all I’m grateful for the happy memories and life lessons because now I know what I want and what I don’t want in a relationship and what I deserve! :)

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HNS: “What message do you have to other girls or women who are currently in unhealthy relationships?”
Melissa: ” My message to them would be to stand up for yourself and love and respect yourself enough to walk away and know that whatever pain and hardships you’re enduring that there is light and peace on the other side and with time comes healing, understanding and growth!! ”

HNS: “We know you just make a big time move to California! What does this move mean to you? What are you hoping to get out of taking the risk of leaving your home in Utah?”
Melissa: “Leaving the nest has always been difficult just because my family makes it so hard to leave! My sisters and my mom are my best friends, my dad and my brother are my workout partners, and my nieces and nephew are always over at the house playing and I love watching them grow up like I said it’s always a party! But I feel like at this point in my life Im in a good place and I’m ready to grow up and start taking care of myself and gain my own independence and moving to California was the first step!”

HNS: “What is your favorite thing in the world to do?”
Melissa: “It doesn’t really matter what I’m doing because I’ve made a commitment to “enjoy being in the moment!” . . . but if I had to choose I would says playing at the beach under the sun with family, friends, food, and good music!!”

HNS: “If you could fix one problem on our planet or in our world today what would it be and why?”
Melissa: “I would put a stop to World Hunger! I don’t think it’s right that there are people literally dying from starvation because of lack of clean water and food! “
HNS:”What advice do you have for girls with big dreams? “
Melissa: “I believe that you should always chase your dreams and do what you love and what your passionate about!”
HNS: “What is your advice for girls who aren’t sure what their dreams are quite yet? “
Melissa: “I think that sometimes it seems silly to sit and daydream/wish about what you want or try to picture your life in 5-10 years but when I quiet my mind and the world filled with doubts it seems like the possibilities are endless and the truth is is that they are!!! We just have to train our minds and our thought process that we can and are capable of achieving great things! My advice is to let your mind “go there” and I’m positive you will unveil a hidden dream or passion!”
We could not agree more! In life we feel the need to have all the answers.  Great things happen when we listen to the inner voice and guidance that is telling us to go, do, be, and create. It is up to us to follow that feeling in pursuit of our happiness, dreams, and life purpose.
You can follow Melissa on IG @melissafifita to be inspired but her healthy lifestyle and get tips to keeping your curves fit!
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    Love this girl, she’s a true island beauty! P.s. please, PLEASE proofread your articles! Thank you.

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