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    Are you a "Game Changer?" Healthy is the new Skinny is looking for Game Changers to join our mission of giving young adults more options when it comes to choosing their "Dreams." We are looking for the following students who will be selected as the HNS Game Changers of the 2015 school year:

    Student Game Changers:

    Students who are in Junior High School and High School who are wanting to step up and be role models for their school. HNS is looking for one or possibly two "Game Changers" per school who are passionate about improving the self esteem of their piers. If selected you will become apart of the HNS team and we will provide you with empowering content and tools to help change the culture at your school. You will be featured on our website and social media as we follow your efforts and mission. We will also work hand in hand with you to organize an epic school event or assembly to inspire a new way of thinking and a healthier self image for the students who will be creating our future.

    We want to know:

    How old are you?

    What grade will you be in for the 2015 school year?

    What is the name and location of your school?

    How are you different from others around you?

    Why do you feel passionate about creating social change in a big way?

    How do you see yourself becoming a "Game Changer" in life?

    How do you feel HNS can benefit your school?

    Please tell us why you should be the selected as the "Game Changer" for your school?


    College and University Game Changers:

    We are looking for people who are natural born leaders. We want people who are greatly inspired by social change for the young generation and isn't afraid to make it known.  We are looking for students who are creative out side of the box thinkers who bring an interesting perspective to the group, club, sport, team, major, or organization that they actively participate in. At HNS we believe that no matter what your passion is there are always was to bring new ideas and ways of thinking that make it healthier and more productive for the masses. We want to learn from you! We want to be inspired by you!

    Our goal is to share your passion and vision for a better future with our fan base to open their minds to new possibilities for their future and dreams. If chosen as an HNS "Game Changer" we will feature and follow you and your efforts for social change on our website and social media platforms. We will work hand in hand to plan an event on campus to promote positive self esteem, healthy body image, and new ideas for our future through exposing students to new ways they can make a difference. 

    We want to know:

    How old are you?

    What School are you attending for the 2015 school year?

    What is your passion?

    What group, club, sport, team, or organization are you actively apart of that you would like to work through to become a "Game Changer?"

    What would you like to see for the future of our society?

    How do you plan on assisting in your vision for the future of society?


    Life Game Changers:

    That is right. You don't need to be in school to be a game changer! Some people just aren't meant for formal education.  If you learn best by going out into the world and you have created a path for success on your own, we want to know you! Tell us your story and how you were able to create the life you wanted for yourself outside of the structure of a formal education! If chosen to be an HNS Game Changer we will organize a time to do a video feature on you and your life to be shared with our website and fan base on social media.

    We want to know:

    How old are you?

    Where do you currently live?

    Explain to us how you are different than others and what you set out to discover about life?

    What were you able to accomplish by believing in yourself?

    What lessons did you learn about life and what matters most?

    What do you want the younger generations to know about choosing what is best for your and believing in yourself?

    Why do you want to be an HNS Game Changer?