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    From the time a girl is born, she is programmed to believe that her worth is based on her appearance and that other girls and women are her direct competition. We live in a society that pins girls against each other, teaches them they aren't good enough, then later blames them for being too outspoken or too tempting. For all these reasons, we have been inspired to join forces with amazing women from all over with different backgrounds to stand with one another in solidarity from the issues and expectations that we are faced with each day.      

    Guys have "Bro-code" but what do we as women have to protect, respect, and love each other? It is time we form a community that does exactly that! We are not perfect and the great thing is that we don't need to be. All we are asking is that you join us in spreading kindness, positivity, respect, healthy habits, and support for the girls and women around you.

    Girl Gang is a growing community of women that strives to empower and uplift one another. Our Girl Gang hopes to break boundaries and shatter glass ceilings by creating a safe environment where we can build one another up to become the best possible version of ourselves. 

    Get involved from anywhere in the world by hosting a girl gang hang in your area! It’s a great way to meet new people who share a mutual love for health, wellness, and positivity.

     Here’s how to get started:

    -Plan an activity that promotes positivity, health, and wellness. For example: yoga class, group hike, volunteer day, 5k walk/run

    -Lock in time, date, and location

    -Invite your friends

    -Email the details to our team at sam@healthyisthenewskinny.com and we will promote your event to our followers!


    Past girl gang hangs have taken place at Sedona, AZ, Chicago, IL, Palm Springs, CA, and Hollywood, CA!

    If you want to get an idea of how awesome a girl gang hang can be, check out this video below of our workout with Nerdstrong Gym for a Star Wars themed workout!