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    Media Manipulation

    In a capitalistic society, we as consumers are exposed to 10.4 hours of media each day. Whether we realize it or not, various media such as TV ads, social media posts, magazine covers, etc., are being stored in our subconscious leaving us with a lasting impression that we aren't "enough." The beauty industry has used this to their advantage in order cultivate beauty ideals that stress the importance of a woman's appearance above accomplishments in order to make a profit. 

    We are helping to take back the power given to the media by identifying the issue, raising awareness, and helping people to deprogram from years of harmful media exposure. 

    Media's Depiction of Health

    Take a look at any health or fitness publication online or at the check-out line of the grocery stores. It's no surprise that when we think of health, we have a tendency to picture things like, "earn your summer body!," "flat abs in five days!" and "burn fat now!". Because of this constant exposure to this type of messaging, we've been conditioned to believe that health has one look.

    But what does health actually look like? What is health?

    Authentic is a combination of different aspects including: nutrition, being active, sleeping, maintaining healthy relationships, and doing things we love! None of those aspect have anything to do with looking a certain way. 

    Health does not have a "look."

    Our Mission

    We are exposing the harmful media messaging and beauty ideal that is trying to keep girl's bodies small and the feminine spirit starving for purpose. We're building a global movement of girls and women, who are ready to own their bodies, celebrate health, speak out, and rise up together. 

    At Healthy is the New Skinny, we are working to create healthier images in the media in order to fight back against media that has taught us to stop loving ourselves. Our mission is to celebrate authentic health and show that health looks different on every body. 

    Our Movement

    With over 320K followers across the web, we have formed a community of women to help to inspire and empower one another by sharing their personal health journeys.

    This isn't just about us, it's about you and helping transform the way people view health and body image.

    We can be the change we want to see by creating our own healthy media that will have a positive lasting impact for generations to come! 

    Join Us

    Shop HNS gear and be a model for authentic health, self love, and healthy body image. Tag #healthyisthenewskinny on social media so we can share your journey with the world! 



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